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Lance Woolie's Journey

Unmatched Dedication

Embark on Lance Woolie's musical odyssey as he transitions from the lead singer of Hogleg Band to a solo artist. His debut single 'Too Drunk' showcases his unwavering passion for music, accompanied by the mesmerizing tunes of legendary guitarist Brent Mason and a group of exceptional musicians.


Lance's History


HogLeg Band

Toured from Colorado to the gulf coast including Tulsa, The Ozarks and Nebraska and many towns in the great state of Texas



Lance Woolie, originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has navigated a path filled with profound challenges and remarkable achievements. His journey through music, adversity, and personal growth shapes his unique sound and heartfelt storytelling.

Early Life and Struggles
Born on July 3, 1979, Lance’s childhood was marked by familial turmoil and personal loss. The tragic death of his brother, Leigh Michael, in 1995, and subsequent battles with addiction and depression, cast a long shadow over his formative years. His tumultuous youth included stints at multiple schools and a significant period in juvenile detention, where a chance performance with the Angola Travelin’ band sparked his lifelong passion for music.

Musical Beginnings
Lance’s early exposure to music in a correctional facility led to opportunities to lead worship and eventually work outside the prison in the canine unit. These experiences not only shaped his musical talents but also his personal resolve and spiritual depth. After his release, he pursued higher education at Southern University and Louisiana State University, focusing on Information Systems and Decision Sciences.

Diverse Career
Lance’s career took him from tech administration in hospitals to working in South America, where he lived for several years, immersing himself in the local culture and music scene. In Colombia, he released a Christian crossover record, “Let It Ride,” and honed his craft in various musical genres alongside local musicians.

Recent Years and Personal Life
In recent years, Lance focused on country music, producing the album “Country Paradise.” The project was a labor of love, involving local talents and co-produced by Lance, featuring songs that reflect his life experiences and musical evolution.

Current Endeavors
Today, Lance Woolie is celebrated not just for his musical abilities but for his inspiring life story. His latest works continue to draw from his rich life experiences, contributing to the authentic voice that defines his music.

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